bagel meaning in tennis

Inside Out Forehand. A maneuver in racket sports, most commonly tennis, where the athlete his a ball with the backside of their weak hand while spinning to return the ball. The Daily Bagel is your dose of the interesting reporting, writing and quipping from around the Internet. 1. 2 0. suvs. … C. Centre Mark. "Bagel girl" is a derogatory term for a woman who frequently loses tennis sets 6-0. Roger Federer holds the all-time record for most bagels in a single season with 18 going into the Tennis Master's Cup, and a total … There is a Golden Bagel Award is an award established in 2004 that honors the professional male tennis player who has handed out more "bagels" (sets won 6-0), than any other player on the circuit. B. Backhand Bagel Break Point Buggy Whip. finagle a bagel sports. Double Bagel. In tennis, the word “bagel” is used to refer to when someone loses a set 6-0, and does not win any games at all in a set. 3 Answers. Examples Of How Bagel Is Used In Commentary. So, now you can talk like a tennis pro by brushing up with this glossary of terms. Double Fault. There are also a few references to "bagel" as slang, such as this site or the tennis term, but none of them seem to fit the context of the musical itself. In tennis contexts therefore, it seems that the word bagel is yet another noun that has undergone the process of 'verbing', starting life as a thing and being unexpectedly transformed into an action. An ideal answer would have some basis in American English during the 1920's, which is the era in which the play is set, or during the 1970's, which is when the play was written. H. I. The right side of the tennis court. A bagel happens when someone loses a set without winning a game - so the player loses 6-0 in the set. 1. Author: Courtney Nguyen Publish date: Dec 28, 2011. Daily Bagel: The meaning of (tennis) life. 10 years ago. The zero is supposed to look like a bagel. The stereotypical bagel girl is a young woman from a wealthy family who has enough money to keep traveling the world and entering professional tournaments, even though she has no chance of winning at that level. Bagel: a colloquial term for winning/losing a set 6-0 (the shape of the zero being reminiscent of a bagel’s round shape) Blue collar tennis: when a player … ... Top definition. A bagel happens when someone loses a set without winning a game - so the player loses 6-0 in the set. Ace Ad Court Advantage Approach Shot. Glossary of Tennis Lingo, Slang & Terms. The server has two serves to start the point. It is called Deuce-Court because all deuce points are played from this side. This is a list of common tennis lingo and jargon terms. #bagel #tennis #sports #squash … Lv 5. The term “bagel” refers to the “zero” since it can resemble the round appearance of a bagel. D. Deep Shot Deuce Court Doubles Dink. This is a slang term used to describing winning or losing a set 6-0. E. F. Fault Foot Fault Forehand. the zero is supposed to look like a bagel … A. G. Grand Slam Groundstroke. So, if someone loses a set 6-0, then he or she is “bagelled”. Williams loses the match, getting the bagel for the first time in her … What does "bagel" mean when it comes to tennis? Answer Save. 10 years ago. To shut out an opponent in an athletic contest like tennis or baseball. Here’s an example of the usage of “bagel” in tennis: A match that ends with the score 6-0 6-0 is often called a double bagel in tennis circles. A maneuver in racket sports, ... Federer just had to finagle a bagel to win his match, that was incredible. One of the funniest tennis terms in my opinion. What Is The Definition Of Bagel In Tennis? Functioning as a transitive verb, bagel can be used in the active voice but more commonly appears as a passive form be/get … Rihannnna. Relevance. Alley: the area of the court between the singles and doubles sidelines, also known as the tramlines. Favorite Answer.

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