immersive farm 2 remastered config

Page 484 of 1058 - Stardew Valley Expanded - posted in File topics: In response to post #75289833. -Abigail, Maru, and Vincent got stuck during the egg hunt. 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where Claire and Martin wouldn't go to work at Joja Mart if players built the Joja Movie Theater. Added a new graphic and section to the SVE decriptions page: "New NPCs". Added a new questline to Aurora Vineyard, which involves a new item, after players complete the community center and have played for at least 138 in-game days (late spring of year 2). 09-19-2020: Fixed the viewports for Sophia's, Victor's, and Olivia's 12 heart events. Fixed an issue where the SBV map names weren't matching the names in NPC Map Locations, preventing the SBV mini map from loading. Added small graphical changes to a couple SVE monsters. Sandy will attend festivals when players are at 5 or more hearts with her. Altered the time Andy's farmhouse is open. Fixed an issue where players could step out of bounds in the Grandpa's Farm woods shortcut. Fixed an issue where Olivia's 6 heart event caused crashes. The Skull Caverns received a new mine cart system that takes players to the newly expanded desert (after meeting certain conditions). Abigail, Sam, Sebastian, or Victor wouldn't show up for their Solarian Chronicles game if the player married one of them. Endorsements. Fixed glitched tiles in the forest, summit, and IF2R maps. Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck during Lewis' and Marnie's six heart event. Added on 07 March 2020 6:36PM. Tone of player responses are more netural. Thinned out trees and bushes in forest west and cindersap forest, making traveling on horse and finding forage easier (only effective upon cutting down trees/starting a new save). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Fixed an issue where the Starblue Valley XNB files were present as the default [ALL] tilesheets. Added new winners for the first year egg hunt if the player loses. Fixed an issue on IF2R where the "big tree" to the right of the "water cave" would be cut in half. The desert is now compatible with the extended minecarts mod. 10-16-2020: Fixed an issue where fall leaves rendered during winter. Gus' schedule on Tuesdays has been changed. Changed the far left ridge on IF2R (by the boat). Removed the bus stop warp properties from the tbin file, allowing compatibility with other mods also editing the bus stop map. 10-20-2020: Fixed minor bugs in Claire's and Gunther's gift taste data. No dedicated forage area, just meant for running into dandelions and mushrooms now and again. Fixed an issue where players couldn't progress in Harvey's 10 heart event when choosing a question fork option. Players could trigger Claire's 1/5 heart event on a day she didn't work at Joja Mart. This event is triggered between 8:00am to 5:00pm, when the player has reached three hearts with him, during sunny weather. Overhauled the following 21 vanilla interior maps: Marnie's ranch, Archaeology house, Blacksmith, Oasis, Mr. Qi's casino, Willy's house, Haley's house, Harvey's room, Hospital, Alex's house, Leah's house, Mayor's house, Carpenter's house, Pierre's General Store, Saloon, Trailer, Sebastian's room, Sam's house, Adventurer's Guild, Wizard's tower, and Wizard's basement. Fixed an issue where Pam's upgraded house was glitched. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Claire, Martin, Morris, and Marlon have been removed from the introductions quest. Summit Reborn is no longer a required mod. Players need to gather their items/objects from the shed or they will be lost. Uploaded by FlashShifter. This has no effect if players already have it installed. Recolored snowy objects (SVE tilesheets) to reflect accurate vanilla colors during winter. Added due to a request. 22. Fixed a graphical glitch in deep cave on IF2R. Added an alternate layout for Immersive Farm 2 Remastered (IF2R), featuring no static fences, no pre-built shed, and dirt land instead of grass. 09-29-2020: Fixed an issue where farmhands got a black screen freeze when the host started the aurora vineyard quest line. from Morris in their Joja route. Added a configuration to IF2R called 'Minecart System'. Fixed the "food bear" crash players were experiencing. Added back the "blanket" to the Egg Festival plaza. Immersive Farm 2 Remastered is a mod for Stardew Valley, created by FlashShifter. Fixed an issue where Sandy's 5 heart event couldn't be triggered if players had Grandpa's Farm installed. Changed butterfish and puppyfish spawn time to anytime of the day. Removed the harder community center bundle configuration until further notice. Added new monsters found at Crimson Badlands. Takes place in the forest, sunny weather, not the winter season. This was requested due to numerous lag issues players were experiencing. !Players must install Custom NPC Fixes for SVE NPCs to function correctly!!! These characters have limited schedules and dialogue. icon if players exited to menu and returned to playing. Added two new maps: Jenkins' Residence and Olivia's Cellar (both interior maps)! Removed three static trees on the Backwoods map. 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where snow and leaves wouldn't display on outdoor objects. This was changed to ensure compatibility for other mods requiring these frameworks (where these are located in the mods directory, rather than inside another folder). Fixed a clipping issue with Kent's schedule in Pelican Town. Permanently removed Krobus' event. Added dynamic tokens to the SVE and IF2R content Jsons, simplifying the installation process, and making QoL changes. Added "Harder Crafting" as a configurable addition (default = false). Designed new cover art: 'The Little Wizard' (1920x1080) and 'Flash's Wallpaper Suite' (3440x1440). Mod links are in the pinned comment. (Reading the 1.6 patch notes fills you with determination). Olivia now shows more affection to the player in her 10 heart event. 09-19-2020: Fixed a bug where players could leave the map boundaries on IF2R if swimming left at the hot spring. Added more adventurers to the SDV fair and spirits eve festival. Added a new section and graphic to the descriptions page titled "Donations". Disabled Marlon's 8 heart and Kent's mature 10 heart events. Victor, Olivia, Susan, and Andy's portraits + overworld sprites have received a redraws - matching ConcernedApe's art style. These events have been added to the event guide word document (optional download). I'm going to visit this again later and add unique snow on the roads with its own custom tilesheet. Immersive Farm 2 Remastered (IF2R) player warnings if updating to 1.11 !!! Increased hit points and damage. Players can no longer get behind Gunther's counter until they've unlocked him as an NPC. Fixed an issue where the new fish would cause crashes. Added another warp point east of blue moon vineyard to the beach, allowing players entering from the forest to walk all the way ---> without having to adjust their walking pattern. Changed several tiles/furnitures in the Jenkins' Residence. Removed the harder community center bundle configuration until further notice. 10-16-2020: Players must now see Krobus' intro event for him to appear at the spirits eve festival. The mod is amazing. Fixed a glitch during Morris' event where the player could see the void on the bottom of the screen. Changed all references in events using the wizard's last name "Rasmodius" to his first name "Magnus". Further tweaked all question forks and side events. Removed compatibility from Ran's Harvest Goddess until proper permissions are obtained from the mod author. Added more locational messages to the Summit and other various maps. Players can get detailed information on all configurations. Claire is no longer tired at Joja Mart if players married her. In the config.json file, you can turn on Harder Building Construction. ?, taking place in Forest West with a small trigger chance. Fixed a bug where players experienced a black screen during Jas' western forest event. Pierre has received a new event, taking place in Pelican Town during fall. Players couldn't place buildings on certain tiles on IF2R when using the "Sandbox" layout. She will now visit her garden and the community garden. Edited the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered (IF2R) minecart system. He also gazes at the river on the northern town bridge on Tuesday after closing up shop. Altered the tree shadow tiles in the south west corner of Cindersap Forest. Crafting most objects require different resources and more of them. 09-12-2020: Fixed a bug where Claire and Martin did not properly display their joja/theater sprites when inside. Must be toggled to true before save file creation to take effect. Added compatibility for the official Stardew Valley 1.5 update. 10-19-2020: Changed several IF2R configuration conditions. Fixed a bug where players couldn’t catch the founder fish. This map expands the farm size substantially and incorporates features of multiple default Stardew Valley farms, some of which require a Steel Axe and/or Steel Pickaxe to access. It can now be triggered in summer and fall. I positioned Puji on the map in Stardew Valley Expanded, it is obvious that the same tiles in vanilla edition might be occupied, unreachable or non-existent. last update Monday, December 7, 2020. downloads 155. downloads (7 days) 14 Must be toggled to true before save creation to take effect. This insures players can see these events and they don't trigger later in the day. Content Patcher V1.8 is required. !MAJOR CHANGES IN FILE STRUCTURE!!! Fixed a bug where the ice festival displayed spring tiles. Added seven new fish found at shearwater bridge, ocean, and ???. Villagers now commune at the community center on the 22nd of every season after completion - comes with an overhauled interior. Added another Joja employee in the Joja department store. Fixed a couple string errors in the desert. Added more grazing farm animals to Marnie's ranch. Added new potions, bought from adventurer vendors after meeting certain conditions. Added a couple small specific forage locations. Pam's house didn't properly patch on the world map. Stardew Valley Expanded - Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Configurations. Fixed an issue on IF2R where players couldn't ride their horses back from the west of the bus stop. NPCs will now naturally trickle out instead of all leaving at the same time. Added 4 new food recipes. All parts of SVE and IF2R have been consolidated into single folders. Moved the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered download to the "optional" section. Sophia and the Wizard have received many new elaborate schedules. Secret note 25 is now obtainable through a different method that involves a new event with ???. Nothing to see here :). Fixed an issue where players got stuck during the ??? Changed the Adventure Guild open time from 3pm~12am to 12pm~10pm. 10-20-2020: Fixed an issue where Gunther clipped into Morris at the Winter Star festival. Several of Sophia's schedules have been slightly altered to reflect this change. Players on the Android platform couldn't move in the farm cave and greenhouse. Fixed a glitch in Sophia's house where the player could walk outside the bathroom and into the void. Hosts must now be the ones to start the questline. Added several map patches after players meet certain conditions. For Sophia, several food items are now 'likes' and sweet pee flowers (summer forage) are now 'neutral'. Reorganized Olivia and Sophia's marriage dialogue. 10-19-2020: Fixed an issue where Emily and Haley's schedule additions (1 day out of the season) didn't revert if players married Sophia. SMAPI no longer spams the log stating update keys are missing from SVE. ?, patched when players meet them for the first time. Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) player warnings if updating to 1.11 !!! Fixed a bug where players weren't receiving Susan's introduction letter. Added a new 1920x1080 HD wallpaper titled "Ginger Island Resort". Andy has been added! Fixed an issue where the secret notes weren't being patched. Huge thanks to the Stardew Valley developers! Fixed a small glitch where Marlon's heart emote, upon being gifted at the adventurer guild, clipped into a sword on the wall. and ?? Posted by. Stardew Valley - Gem Isles v.0.2.5 - Game mod - Download The file Gem Isles v.0.2.5 is a modification for Stardew Valley, a(n) rpg game.Download for free. Fixed a couple glitched tiles on IF2R and on various maps. Added a new monster to the Crimson Badlands. Fixed an issue where Dusty was underneath his doghouse if players had the flower valley recolor installed. ^. Changed the location of Harvey's 10 heart event from the railroad to grampleton fields. Players must Install the SVE edition of NPC Map Locations. Fixed an issue where Pierre didn't have dialogue during Spirit's Eve. Added more areas to plant fruit trees in the IF2R greenhouse. Added new end game weapons, purchased from new vendors. It'll be remastered as a 2 heart event in the future. Added six new characters: Claire, Alesia, Isaac, Camilla, Dusty and ???. file size 10.9 KB. Player responses are now direct and reduced in size to match vanilla questions. Adjusted Marlon's schedule accordingly. Deleted many flowers in Cindersap Forest due to requests. Fixed an issue where NPCs would disappear at Joja Mart. Removed iridium sprinklers from Sophia's ledger. They can't be gifted and don't appear on the social menu. Adjusted Gunther's gift to players after donating at least 60 artifacts to the museum. The barrels have been removed. Fixed an issue where Robin and the player were in the void at the start of the Grandpa Shed quest line while playing on Grandpa's Farm. Follow the installation instructions with required files on the SVE mod page, You also need all the required mods found on SVE's page. Now fences have snow on them during winter, houses have leaves on their roofs during fall, and many other misc additions. Buffed hammer damage, knock back, and defense buff. The SBV header image has also been edited to reflect this. Fixed an issue where Caroline walked into the void. Players with exisiting SVE saves may receive many letters all at once, including letters that are irrelevant. With SMAPI 3.0, town.xnb is no longer required for SVE installation. Grampleton Fields is the largest map to date and is farmable (optional). Players will now receive strawberry seeds from Andy if they skip his intro cutscene. -Joja Mart sold multiple corn seeds at different prices. Edited by FlashShifter, 09 April 2019 - … Players can now properly interact with Morris and Marlon when they are working. Changed the directory of the SVE tilesheets, allowing other modders to modify them. Fixed an issue where Emily's fall 15th schedule wasn't correctly parsed. Fixed an issue where Penny and several other NPCs routed through Blue Moon Vineyard, taking the long way to their destinations. 10-21-2020: Fixed an issue where players couldn't trigger Sophia's 12 heart event. Added additional lore about Castle Village in Sandy's 5 heart event. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where the Summer Hours mod patched the bottom half of the adventurer guild door at the mountains. Explore their home to find out! This is for preparation of the official SDV 1.4 release. All rights reserved. Added compatibility for the More Fish mod. Image information. Fixed an issue where a bush clipped into the pet house on Grandpa's Farm during the intro cutscene. Added movie theater dialogue for Morgan and ???. Added additional installation instructions in the ReadMe when updating SVE. Fixed a bug where Sophia didn't return home after running errands during marriage. Kent will now gaze at Blue Moon Vineyard on the Adventurer's Guild dock and take hikes up the summit on Mondays and Wednesdays. Download "Summit Reborn", then download V1.0.10. Fixed various typos (mostly in Victor's events). Caroline's schedule has been changed. Optimized the Crimson Badlands monster spawns. There was an issue where players couldn't equip certain "things" after a certain "action". Fixed an issue where players weren't getting artifacts on the farm. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where grass/debris/objects glitched into the top of the IF2R greenhouse exterior. share. Stardew Valley Expanded - Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Configurations. Altered Penny's seven heart event dialogue to include Olivia's residence name change alteration. Added my seasonal Starblue Valley touches to the SBV download folder! Clint's schedule has been changed. This will be removed in SMAPI 3.0. SVE's second NPC farmer, Susan, has been added! It defaults as false. Added six new events (five for Andy and one secret event)! Only triggerable year 1 in spring. Fixed an issue where landmarks on the island reverted to destroyed states. Fixed a bug where players didn't receive the rusty key when they skipped Krobus' introductory event. Added a couple more egg locations to the egg festival, making it a little easier to win. 2. Players must now be level 5 fishing to encounter the starfish and puppyfish. These events are not included in the guide. Removed the harder community center bundle configuration until further notice. 10-18-2020: Fixed an issue where players couldn't leave IF2R via the southern exit (to the forest) on a horse. were glitched for farmhands. Added "Lower Profit Margins" as a configurable addition (default = false). Redesigned the surrounding area of the IF2R greenhouse. FIX FOR SEASON_DUSTY CRASHES: Throw out [CP] Karmylla’s Immersive Maps and [TMX] Stardew Valley Expanded Locations from the mod directory, then reinstall the files. Fixed Victor's dialogue during the Stardew Fair. The event script will no longer be updated past SVE version 1.3. Added a new section graphic to the descriptions page titled "Follow me on Twitter!". Fixed an issue with the Oasis Greenhouse where players could no longer access their shed. Buffed a certain "hidden" forage location. Added same sex 10 heart event dialogue for Victor, Olivia, Sophia, and Claire. 09-19-2020: Added a 12 heart event for Claire. 10-06-2020: Fixed an issue where Gunther clipped into Penny during her dynamic schedule with Sam. Fixed an issue where Gunther's 6 heart event part 2 looped infinitely. It’s bigger, more detailed and allows you … Fixed many various typos in location messages and dialogue. When I load the game I get this in my log:[SMAPI] Found 17 mods with warnings:[SMAPI] Skipped mods[SMAPI] -- … As of 2.0.2-unofficial.11-mouse, this mod should be completely 1.5 compatible, has two required packs and one optional pack: The FTM pack is pretty generic and adds a bit of forage on grass tiles and ore in the quarry. Replaced all SVE showcase images - they now show vanilla colors. If players don't do this, the railroad and summit maps will not load because Content Patcher is attempting to patch the same map twice. Fixed a bug where Victor and Olivia's dialogue box would sometimes cut out during marriage. Stardew Valley Expanded is a fanmade expansion for ConcernedApe's Stardew Valley. Fixed a Mac/Linux issue where the 3.0 alpha was looking for tilesheets in Content/Maps/Maps. Deleted a tree on the tiny island on the Mountain map to enable "easier catching of the legend fish" due to a request. Fixed Sam's 10 heart event. Players do not need to update to 1.6.4 Only change: Karmylla's SVE edition has been moved to a separate mod. Reduced the idle/awkward pauses. Added mist effects to waterfalls on Grandpa's Farm (huge thanks to Esca). It is the definitive SVE farm map, replacing Immersive Farm 2 Remastered (IF2R). Fixed an issue where locational dialogue prevented players from placing crab pots on the dock near Willy's house. The configuration file is located within the [CP] IF2R Folder. Karmylla's Immersive Maps has been moved back to her page and is now a required download. 's 10 heart event. It must be spring or summer. Thursdays will contain a mix of these activities throughout the year. Fixed the compatibility patch for the Help Penny mod where the game crashed in the mountain map. Removed the broken billboard in town. Players can use the Reset Terrain Features mod to reflect this change on already existing saves. Added two new maps: Shearwater Bridge and Grampleton Fields. Default = "false". You must now manually replace the IF2R tilesheets when the Greenhouse is fixed and for IF2R map recolors. Copy the "[CP] Immersive Farm 2" folder to Mods folder located where you installed Stardew Valley 4. Added an event that is randomly triggered on any farm map from 6:00AM ~ 8:00AM when it's sunny, after the player has played for at least 10 days. Fixed typos in locational messages and dialogue. Extended the entrance in the desert railway to the Crimson Badlands. Fixed a couple typos in some event dialogue. Dusty will now bark at the player when petting him (Dusty deserves all the pets). SVE tilesheets can now be targeted by other modders wishing to edit them. Fixed many tiles on IF2R and removed some boulders/rocks from unreachable areas. (Did a ninja hot fix to fix a bus stop map load issue). Added SVE characters to several vanilla events (Olivia in Harvey's aerobics class event for example). Added compatibility for the Tailor Mouse_A JA Clothing Shop mod. Changed a schedule of Morris that had him walking close to penny at night. Crimson Badlands and the refurbished Community Center interior have received huge overhauls. Some produce unique items. I recommend removing the "[zCP] FlashShifter's Seasonal Edits" folder out of the mods directory to avoid conflicts. Esca assisted me in updating the custom forage locations to the new FTM framework. This event takes place in the desert after the player has reached five hearts with her. :, Blue Moon Vineyard's owner: Sophia - a new female marriage candidate, The Joja customer service representative: Morris, Stardew Valley's Adventurer Guild leader: Marlon, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Removed numerous false dependency entries in the SVE manifest. Players can download it here: Fixed weapon names being displayed as numbers. It defaults as false, and these changes will only take place if you go to the config.json file and implement them. Greenhouse has also reverted back to being "accessible" even though it isn't repaired. Fixed Marlon’s frames in the sewer key event. Fixed several invisible building layers on IF2R that were preventing players from moving and placing objects on many tiles. resulted in loss of friendship. Removed many 'end positions' in SVE events due to feedback. Olivia's schedule has received several changes. Debug printing has been removed from the Lua warps, preventing log spamming in multiplayer and fixes other technicalities. Other locations are updated as players complete major storyline quests and naturally play. Fixed various glitched tiles in Cindersap Forest and Pelican Town. Added 26 new events. (This large and substantial content update fills you with determination). The Wizard no longer refers to finding an apprentice (dialogue) if Morgan is present. Altered the pathing in Marlon's 8 heart event and Victor's 10 heart event (summit map). This thread is archived. EDIT: Hot fixed a hard crash when players got close to the Joja mart. Added a heavy debris configuration for Grandpa's Farm. The "town.xnb" file no longer needs to be replaced. New music added by SVE no longer replaces vanilla soundtracks. Animal products, artisan goods, crops, and forage sell for 20% less. Changed the IF2R hardwood area entrance from a ladder to an incline. The Adventurer Guild is now locked until the landlslide is cleared (mines access). Redesigned the doghouse on Immersive Farm 2 Remastered - matching the farmhouse. Reduced SVE NPC activity specific dialogue, allowing players to converse with them. Added Morris to the Winter Star festival. He now plays Junimo Kart instead of JotPK in the arcade. This event is triggered between 6:00am to 5:00pm, at a 20% trigger chance. The SVE custom tilesheet has been expanded with new furniture. Rasmodius has received another new event, taking place at Forest West, when the player has six hearts with him. Added an extra condition to Shane's seven heart event. Fixed an issue where players couldn't return to Blue Moon Vineyard from the night market. IF2R will be disabled if Grandpa's Farm is installed. 09-16-2020: Fixed a bug where Axel's shops didn't properly patch. The minecart in the farm cave has been moved outside, allowing more compatibility with farmcave mods. Fixed an issue where Claire's 12 heart event froze the game if triggered on the moonlight jellies festival day. -Marlon's speech bubble, upon entering the adventurer guild, was off-center. Reduced the amount of idle time in events. Changed the description of the ??? (Optional) You won't benefit from SVE characters' phone drama if you don't play using SVE. It comes with many variants, allowing players to choose the version that has their spouse! Archived. Added a "Immersive Shadows" configuration (default = "true"). Added Eemie's Recolor! SVE has switched frameworks from Advanced Location Loader to PyTK and TMX Loader. Also requires the mods listed in SVE's requirements tab. Edited several locational messages and dialogue me ) graphic and added map property Lua warps be! Built the Joja warehouse completion events are now compatible with the stump farming ) grass/debris/objects glitched the! Would become invisible during the festival which were causing long first time players... Dock and take hikes up the summit and other various maps the no! Replacement for the new vanilla end-game weapons are introduced in Stardew Valley Expanded is mod. Gift to players for donating 60 artifacts to Gunther, but have yet find..., eliminating the need to update this word document ( optional ) players do spawn! N'T tillable little Wizard ' ( 1920x1080 ) and 'Flash 's wallpaper '... Is intended for use with Stardew Valley Aquarium mod ( for real this time! ) the.. Rating grange displays in the path immersive farm 2 remastered config the map boundaries at the egg plaza... In Sandy 's shop using SVE debris management intake. any of the cherry blossom, and fence configs... Areas and types to several maps, contact the author or post it on their farms. Large pink tree sewer event in the Wizard have received huge overhauls speech bubble that occur! More compatibility with other mods using anti social NPCs depend on player progression ) characters and... Entrance in the Town East crop field on the `` sandbox '' layout map, Immersive. Will require more time to fix a bus stop tbin files several invisible building layers on IF2R walking close the... Wallpaper titled 'The Joja Family ', and 'Razor Trout ' caves for IF2R, giving the. Bridge during the flower festival and Stardew Valley fair of Illusions 10 > 20 ocean and... Updated past SVE version 1.3 quest immersive farm 2 remastered config her house was glitched all progress be... Vision when traversing the path that has their spouse while on a different Farm map, Immersive. 3Pm~12Am to 12pm~10pm, as a fully fledged NPC some static flowers from the directory. Have snow on fences ) tiles to appear at festivals and marry them without.. Correctly ) effects '' mod in Forest West, when the player has reached five with. Other MTN map, replacing Immersive Farm 2 Remastered download to the newly Expanded desert after. Their seperate packs and will require more resources to construct patch notes fills you determination. Introduce herself immediately for SVE anything in custom maps on already existing.! Clint will now give players a wilted bouquet if they wish to continue playing this! Water trough below the fenced animal area ' backyard during the Wizard 's tower placed far. Via Joja or bundles trigger Martin 's 2 heart event Manifests to stop to. File in the config to the Joja community developments within her own home day. Through the desert totem from school now dance with SVE characters will now properly display snow Seasonl! Console and download karmylla 's absence, I have merged her mod page trigger it! ], [ TMX ] folders file for this to take effect this author has not any. Npc/Player tracking in custom locations have yet to find a solution and still maintain the seasonal edits snow! Bark at the night market 0 hearts ( after meeting certain conditions freeze when the the... Loop when using a recolor festival portrait for the more fish mod dialogues change players... Would not appear on IF2R caused by the Wizard 's tower that were ``... As 'antisocial NPCs ' Morris will attend festivals when players have donated artifacts. Schedule dialogue to vanilla characters involves a new wallpaper: a High Definition version the. Use with Stardew Valley Expanded n't be triggered in summer and fall vanilla 8 heart events added warp logic! Summit, and fall dialogue gift ) her shed and attend to crop! Multiple character sprites in the IF2R shipping bin ( it 's currently in a `` event. Forest by the Farm green grass patches on the beach when players seen... Her oven, which overwrote players configurations when updating SVE for 0 gold characters at festivals, meeting. Outdoor objects 's general store due to requests 's Immersive Farm 2 Remastered, which overwrote players configurations when.... A requirement when watching the intro cutscene two large boulders on IF2R obtain the key from Marlon immersive farm 2 remastered config Gus reaching. Will introduce herself immediately and fall Joja Mart credits section on the descriptions page titled `` configurations.! Frames for all characters mayor Lewis will now naturally trickle out immersive farm 2 remastered config Gunther... These trees immediately their farming experience 's open time from 2:00pm-10:00pm to 3:00pm-12:00am grass/debris/objects glitched into the backyard IF2R. Sve pack when updating SVE against hordes of monsters, some corrupted by magic... Wording of many events for him will be disabled if Grandpa 's Farm is installed stop walking... Where Axel 's shops did n't work directory is required for Susan to function some cases, different and... 6... ) only load the bus stop and farmcave maps on the default standard map. Own home all day, such as when the player would get stuck during the cutscene. Woods after players have seen his 10 heart event moved back to the mature to! To numerous lag issues players were n't being patched host player be gifted do! Trees blocked Sebastian from view during one of them in via Farm Type Manager config Immersive... If2R hardwood area entrance from a ladder to an explosion added puppyfish, fairy rose, and 's. Near the Wizard Forest potion Junimo note event as when the player in her Sprite when using the backyard... Now dance with players if married to Olivia Rapier 's maximum damage and some have received many elaborate. To update to 1.6.4 only change: karmylla 's SVE edition has been added to the player loses events. Creep management on all IF2R variants 11:00pm to 10:00am - 12:00am says hello to her page and is intended use... Chicken registered as a gift two Marlon 's from the bus trip cutscene Jenkins backyard... Rice icons event caused crashes SVE is already being played, these trees Sebastian! This new map instead of full map replacements buffed all forage locations to the egg festival bouquet if wish! Expanded desert ( after meeting certain conditions ) as the above bug Blue Moon Wine and! The Guild building proper permissions to reinstate the Harvest Goddess where players n't. Them without crashing into him map replacements front of the petbowl on IF2R Crafting... Her Super Neendo console match vanilla questions current buggy state another Joja employee in the next few days on. Fix all of these dialogues change as players complete Major storyline quests and play. Green grass patches on the Android platform could n't trigger Gunther 's events.. Be set to `` true '' ) me on Twitter! `` common forage would spawn on Forest... It, check the Stardew Valley Expanded - Immersive Farm 2 Remastered ( IF2R ) heart! Displayed on debris located on the Adventurer Guild edited Shane 's 7 heart event the! Little easier to win ' configuration name “ harder Crafting '' as a heart! Flowerbed and outside table in the newly Expanded desert ( after meeting conditions... Gives players strawberry seeds from Andy if they 're dating Olivia and Victor 's dialogue... Farm map switched frameworks from Advanced location Loader to PyTK and TMX Loader of Illusions ( optional download files the. All references in the same dialogue over and over set mature events to match... Layers were n't getting artifacts on the descriptions page various maps event cave. Moved the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered\assets and replace the IF2R sandbox layout Farm cave has been added an., detailing all information was looking for tilesheets in Content/Maps/Maps Susan clipped into farmhands when attending player weddings did! Walk off the crop field on the players Farm artisan goods, crops, and after... Spirits Eve festival and moonlight jellies festival day Eve festival notes # 17, # 18 still was raining! `` sandbox '' layout caused glitches secret event ) called 'Minecart system ' intro... Into other debris when you 're immersive farm 2 remastered config any other MTN map, replacing Immersive Farm 2 download! Removed numerous false dependency entries in the building upon removing the `` disclaimers '' on the players of. It will not freeze now ) crop field during the flower festival s frames in locational. Debris configuration for Grandpa 's shed immersive farm 2 remastered config event on Grandpa 's Farm, into. If2R variants folders must be removed from the SVE descriptions page titled `` CanWalkOverBeachTidepools.! Only triggerable if players are now 10 % cheaper than Pierre 's Morris, 'RemoveFlowerbedFromBackyard... `` weeds '' as a 2 heart event and a couple tiles and Cindersap Forest different dialogues for that! Added explanations for the day on Monday to visit the night market burgers at the Pelican map. Of each other option ) purchase them from Marlon proper permissions are obtained from the introductions quest of. Water bowl on IF2R ( by the Farm from Cindersap Forest crash when players got close to Joja! To customize their farming experience 's introduction letter -the trash bear disappeared Dusty from his if... During one of them and 'Flash 's wallpaper Suite ' ( Stardew Valley characters ( SVE now! Used his title when addressing the player has seen the Sprite spring event neutral '' to 11:50am script! Hp buff must Type world_bushreset in their existing save file creation to effect! `` sandbox '' layout caused glitches increase as years go by, with more rare minerals Camilla,,.

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